Sheridan College is a fully accredited higher education provider in the Perth CBD, offering undergraduate programs in Business, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences, and postgraduate programs in Business and Education.


Sheridan College is:


Sheridan College was founded by members of the Baptist denomination, and began delivering its first courses in 2015. The College has no religious requirements for admission, welcoming students from all faiths or none to complete their chosen degree in collaboration with the College faculty. As an independent community of Christian scholars, academic staff are engaged in specialised teaching and research.


One of the College’s core commitments is to reduce financial barriers to quality higher education. Tuition fees paid by students are only applied to teaching and administration costs, not redirected to cross-subsidise research. For this reason, Sheridan College is able to deliver Bachelor and Master courses at tuition rates lower than those charged by public universities.


The name “Sheridan” is derived from the Celtic “sirideán”, which means “seeker” or “searcher”, and is frequently used in the context of seeking truth or wisdom. The faculty are dedicated to advancing their students' understanding of the body of knowledge and professional practice in their respective disciplines, and to equipping  students with the research skills to advance that knowledge for the benefit of the wider community.


At Sheridan College we aspire to offer higher education to those who are seeking to live an extraordinary life. To this end, the college will inspire its students to love truth, seek wisdom, embrace innovation and be instruments of peace in the world.


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"Higher education for those seeking to live an extraordinary life."