Cost of Living

Students should be prepared for the costs of living in Australia. Students should have access to $800 upon arrival in Perth and access to another $2,500 for the initial costs of accommodation and set-up. Each student’s situation will vary depending on whether they have family members accompanying them and what their tastes are. Below is some general information but for a more detail information concerning cost of living please visit The cost of living calculator on Insider Guides offers a more specific idea of what the costs of living might be depending on tastes and situation. Please visit

For more information about studying in Perth, please visit

Groceries and eating out

$80 to $280 per week

Gas, electricity

$35 to $140 per week

Phone and Internet

$20 to $55 per week

Public transport

$15 to $55 per week

Car (after purchase)

$150 to $260 per week


$80 to $150 per week


$165 to $444 per week

NOTE: All costs are in Australian dollars.

This does not include any travel you plan to do whilst in Australia, so it would be a good idea to factor in a budget for that, too. We highly recommend you do as much exploring as you can!


If you require any further information about your course, accommodation, or living in Australia please contact us at (08) 9221 8170 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..