The Sheridan Student Handbook contains valuable information about a range of support services available to students.


Supportive Staff 

Sheridan College faculty and administrative support staff are committed to your personal growth and success at College, in your career and in your personal life.

We know that a student’s academic and personal support needs can vary depending on where they are on their educational journey. Students may be, for example:


College faculty and support staff will facilitate a range of personal capacity-building activities for students, including:


Support for Students with Disabilities

Sheridan College defines a disability or medical condition as any significant physical, emotional, psychological, or health disorder of a chronic or episodic nature that is likely to affect you in the course of your studies. The College welcomes applications from students who require additional assistance to undertake courses successfully. If you have a disability or medical condition, we strongly advise you to contact the College in the year preceding your proposed enrolment in order to discuss possible accommodations and give you the best possible opportunity to succeed in your studies.


Counselling Services 

Student Services and faculty members are available for students to discuss matters relating to academic study and workload. Students are encouraged to discuss any issues which are adversely affecting their study or life with Student Services. These issues may range from financial difficulties to depression and anxiety. Many students encounter personal, interpersonal and clinical problems in their work, study or personal life. Student services is here to encourage support and advise students. In some cases students are referred to additional services.  When a student is referred to a professional counselling service by Sheridan College or receives a referral from medical personal, Sheridan College covers the cost. Students may also seek to reach out to services that are available free of charge. Many of these services are available every day and some are available 24/7. Some of these services are:


In addition, the College has a contract with a Sandra Basham (Cert IV TAA.; Cert IV C. C. & F. T.; Dip A. C. Ed.; Dip C. C. & F. T.; B. Ed.; M. For Sx.; PhD candidate) from Hot Potatoes Consultancy to provide counselling services to Sheridan College students. The cost will be borne by the College.  Please ask the Director of Student Services for a referral.


Contact information:

Sandra Basham

Hot Potatoes Consultancy

Contact number: 0447130563

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


English Language Support

All undergraduate and postgraduate students are required to undertake a post-entry language assessment on commencement of their course which may lead to recommendations for formal language support from Sheridan. The English Language Support Lecturer, Mrs Ali Dench, is available for student consultation sessions to provide further support with English Language.

Please consult the Director of Student Services if further support is required.


Study Support

The College provides a range of study support, including Library Support Services provided by the College Librarian, Mrs Lizelle Smith, academic language support provided by the English Language Support Lecturer, Mrs Ali Dench and general study support provided by academic lecturers. Students are also encouraged to form study groups at the beginning of each trimester and time will be given during class for students to establish these groups.  If you require study support, please discuss this with the Academic Principal, Dr Natalie Leitao, who can advise which support service would be most appropriate.


Legal Advice 

Student Services can help point you toward a range of legal services available to give you advice about issues you may face during your time as a student. A list has been provided below, but should you require more assistance or advice please see Student Services.



International Student Support

Sheridan College provides a range of support for international students. The Director of Student Services will be your first port of call for any support matters. 


In addition, Sheridan College partners with MATEinOz to provide further support to international students arriving in Australia.

Post-arrival, many students face challenges which could potentially derail their ability to integrate, enjoy and successfully complete their studies here in Perth.

The first 3 months in particular are usually very difficult as students attempt to find their way around the city of Perth, build relationships and find employment all while attempting to focus on their primary reason for coming to Australia which is “Education”.

MATEinOz services have been designed to ensure students individual needs are met, firstly by having an in-depth discussion about the students cultural beliefs, expectations and outcome required from their stay in Australia. Customised advisory services (practical and specialist) will be devised to suit, including mentorship programs and gateways to employment, whilst providing a sound environment (security and peace of mind), all of which we needed when arriving in Perth for the first time.


MateinOz have specialist strategic partners in:

Contact information

Contact Number: +61 416 879 535

24/7 Number: +61 424 445 006
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.