Bachelor of Arts

Course Description

Sheridan College’s Bachelor of Arts is a three-year undergraduate program for students interested in preparing for employment in cross-cultural settings, in the public or social enterprise sector, or as a pathway towards future study in the humanities and social sciences.

The course also incorporate an opportunity for students to explore a range of secular and Christian perspectives on human existence, human dignity and personal morality, and examine how these perspectives influence our understanding of the body of knowledge across different disciplines.


Course Structure

The  Bachelor of Arts degree comprises 23 units. Each unit is worth 3 credit points, with the exception of one research unit (worth 6 credit points) for a total of 72 credit points.

Students are able to choose from six (6) possible majors. For more information, including full course outlines for each major, click on the links below.



The Bachelor of Arts is available to both domestic and international students (CRICOS Code: 096269K).


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