Bachelor of Business

Course Description

Sheridan College’s Bachelor of Business is a 3-year undergraduate program in business. In the first year, the program covers foundational areas of knowledge – including management, marketing, accounting, and microeconomics – serving as a pathway for further learning. In subsequent years, students can pursue a major in a range of business disciplines, including accounting, financial planning, human resource management and management.

All Sheridan College units are grounded in the Christian ethical framework and examine Christian perspectives on business which uphold the dignity of human beings and our social responsibilities to one another. The NFP sector, in particular, has much to contribute to the study of business administration, including the importance of a social vision for economic activity, and working to multiple bottom lines. Sheridan College’s specialist not-for-profit graduates will be well-equipped to serve in the large and growing global not-for-profit sector.


Course Structure

The Bachelor of Business comprises 23 units. Each unit will be worth 3 credit points, with the exception of one research unit (worth 6 credit points) for a total of 72 credit points.

Students are able to choose from four (4) possible majors. For more information, including full course outlines for each major, click on the links below.



Financial Planning

Human Resource Management



The Bachelor of Business is available to both domestic students and international students (CRICOS Code: 096490E). 


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