Imagine how great it would be if your car would run on water instead on petrol. This was a dream a couple of decades ago, but today we have access to various technologies that can make this dream become a reality.

It would be great if all countries had a way of producing a fuel cheaply, and at their own premises. What would this do to our economy, our health and our social well-being? Almost all developing countries have a coastline and, through this possibility, a potential to produce their own fuel from water.

Current technology trends are pointing into the direction of hydrogen fuels. It appears we are at the edge of an energy revolution, with hydrogen fuels replacing fossil fuels.

In our pursuit to find an answer for how to produce hydrogen from water, our research team at Sheridan Research Institute is taking inspiration from processes which take place in nature. In photosynthesis, plants use chlorophyll to capture sunlight, and then uses this light energy to split water into oxygen and hydrogen. Sounds simple, right? But when examined in greater detail, this is an amazing process that is far more complex than it appears to be. The logic behind photosynthesis is marvellous and astonishing, not only complex but also beautiful.

We have focused on designing a system that mimics some of the natural photosynthesis processes. The scientific laws of nature remain our best inspiration; the complexity, beauty and efficiency of natural systems is far beyond anything created by a human hand.

We are looking at the current scientific technologies and scientific findings such as those developed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory by Professor Yang and his team. We hope to learn and build on existing efforts, and progress from there.

This research is truly cutting-edge and is breaking silos between different scientific disciplines as it requires merging findings from scientific research encompassing chemistry, biology, physics and nanotechnology, and much more.

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