Wetland Connections


"Wetland Connections" is an over-arching research theme, covering a wide range of smaller project initiatives with a common goal: To better understand the links that underpin, and flow from, wetland areas. The research theme is focused specifically on wetland areas in Perth's northern urban corridor, and individual component projects will examine specific questions in regards to these wetlands, in the following broad areas:

  • Wetland biology. What plants, animals and other biota live in and around Perth wetlands? How much do we know about our wetland biota? What kind of information would help us better understand key species of flora and fauna in these ecosystems? What innovative technologies can be developed to meet specific knowledge gaps on elusive or poorly known species?
  • Wetland ecology and hydrology. To what extent are "distinct" wetlands connected? Are some wetlands particularly important for supporting ecological diversity or richness? How do regular pulses or aberrations in the hydrological cycle influence ecological connectivity between wetland areas? What ecological functions are different wetlands performing, and how much strain are they under?
  • Wetland description and characterisation. What different types of wetland occur in the area, and what are their geomorphic, ecological and hydrological characteristics? What different micro-habitats are represented in the wetland? Are there important patterns of connectivity between habitat types (e.g. surface water, riparian, hypolentic, groundwater), or are there some habitat types that support important or unique ecological communities?
  • Social connections. How do humans interact with wetland areas? What social values are ascribed to wetlands generally, and specifically?
  • Ecological impacts. How do we ensure that wetland areas are maintained in an acceptable state for the biodiversity they support, the social values they provide, and the ecological functions they perform? What human activities present particular challenges for the wise management and protection of wetlands? How susceptible are Perth's wetlands to clearing, pollution, drought, infilling, climate change, or introduced species?

Wetland Connections engages students, academics and external partners in a collaborative community of scientific enquiry. While specific projects may have particular deliverables or outputs, the essence of the over-arching research theme is to openly investigate and share data for the common good. To that end, it extends beyond the traditional concept of "academic research", to include community engagement, student training and instruction, and technical reporting. However, a crucial element in tying all these together is the careful handling and management of all data collected, and strategic planning of component projects so as to maximise knowledge gains and minimise costs.

The Wetland Connections research theme is currently in an initial phase of planning, gathering literature and existing data, and building strategic connections and cooperative research partners. If you would like to know more about the project, please feel free to contact the project coordinator, Dr Jason Coughran, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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