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Student Policies and Forms

Academic Integrity Policy

Academic Progress and Intervention Policy

Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy - English Language Proficiency

Agent Recruitment and Development Policy

Assessment Policy

Code of Conduct

Course Discontinuation Policy

Credit Transfer and Prior Learning Policy

Examination Policy

Fee Schedule

In-Term Intervention Policy

Issuing of Testamurs and Transcripts Policy

Refund Policy for Domestic Students

Refund Policy for Overseas Students

Research Code of Conduct Policy

Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Policy

Statement of Academic Freedom

Student Consultation Policy

Student Grievance Policy

Student Support Policy

Transfer Between Providers Policy

Variation on Enrolment Policy

Verification of Qualifications Policy


Tuition Finance (Domestic Students only)

ABE Tuition Finance Agreement

ABE Tuition Finance Application Form

ABE Tuition Finance Terms and Conditions


Staff, Academic and Governance Policies

Academic Advisory Policy Guide

Benchmarking Policy

Business Continuity Policy

Code of Conduct

Course Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Course Development Policy

Critical Incident Policy

Information Management Policy Handbook

Lecturer Workload Guidelines

Marketing to Overseas Students Policy

Organisational Structure Chart 2020

Professional Development Policy

Promotion Policy

Recruitment of Academic Staff Policy

Research Code of Conduct Policy

Sabbatical Leave Policy

Staff Annual Review

Staff Grievance Policy

Statement of Academic Freedom

Statements of Financial Standing

Strategic Plan, 2021-2025

Teaching and Learning Plan

Verification of Qualifications Policy

Workforce Planning Policy