Single Unit Enrolment

Single unit enrolments are a perfect option for those who are thinking about further study, but are not quite ready to commit to a full degree yet. They are also perfect for individuals still completing their high school studies and looking for an alternative pathway (other than ATAR) into Higher Education. It is also an option for those who are looking into cross-institutional enrolment, when you are interested in a single unit that Sheridan offers.

For those who have already completed an undergraduate degree (such as a Bachelor), single unit enrolments can be useful for professional development, and to grow your knowledge in a specific area. It may help grow your career and can be a valuable way to determine whether postgraduate studies will be helpful.

For domestic students only

You can take up to four units as a single unit enrolment which can gain you automatic access to course enrolment (if successfully completed)

Audit vs Credit

Students may enrol in a single unit or a unit may be taken as part of the appropriate full course at Sheridan.
If taken as a single unit, students may select to do the unit as 'audit' or 'credit'.


attend lectures and workshops
no assessments or exams
no award for the unit


attend lectures and workshops
complete assessments and exams
contributes towards the appropriate full degree

All units listed below are available as 'audit' or 'credit'

Undergraduate units available for Single Unit Enrolment

AC101 Principles of Financial Accounting
CS100 Introduction to Christianity
CW101 Introduction to Creative Writing
CW104 The Writing Life
CW330 Life Writing
CW340 Digital Profiles
CW350 Christian Writing
EC100 Principles of Economics
GG100 Fundamentals of Physical Geography
GG101 Introduction to Human Geography
HT101 The Indian Ocean in World History 1: c.3000BC – c.1500AD
HT121 Introduction to Researching Family History
HU140 Creative Thinking
LN101 Introduction to Linguistics
LN102 Sociolinguistics
LW101 Introduction to Law
MA105 Foundations of Mathematics
MA220 Univariate Statistical Analysis*
MK101 Principles of Marketing
MN101 Principles of Management
MN262 Cross-Cultural Management
MN312 Working with Volunteers
MN374 Leadership
PL101 Introduction to Politics
PL102 Foundations of Australian Constitutional Government
RS191 Academic and Professional Communication Skills
SO101 Survey of Sociology: Themes
SO102 Survey of Sociology: Perspectives
SO224 Japanese Popular Culture

* To enrol in this unit, students must first pass the Post-Entry Numeracy Assessment (PENA)

Postgraduate units available for Single Unit Enrolment

BU501 Organisational Behaviour
BU502 Accounting for Managers
BU503 Marketing Management
BU504 Managerial Economics
BU511 Human Resource Management
BU512 Financial Management
BU513 Managing Information Systems
BU673 Organisational Leadership
ED509 Introduction to Education in Australia
ED550 Worldview Foundations in Education
ED620 Curriculum Construction: Analysis and Perspectives
ED630 Assessment and Evaluation: Refining Understandings and Practices
ED631 Mentoring
ED642 Creative Teaching and Learning
ED673 Leading School Improvement

Useful information

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